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Lilacs at Fairlane Manor

At the Wayne Garden Club meeting last week, someone mentioned that the lilacs were in bloom along the walkway at Fair Lane.  Fair Lane is the estate of Henry Ford located in nearby Dearborn, Michigan.  I have seen the signs for the estate many times over the years and have always wanted to stop and visit.  I just never took the time.  But that one word, “lilacs”, had me.  I love lilacs.  I have a big lilac bush in my backyard.  When it blooms for two weeks each spring,  you will find me sitting in the swing underneath soaking in the fragrance.

Ali agreed to go with me to see the lilacs at the estate.


Fair Lane Historic Marker

I love historic markers and learning about places I visit.  I had never before heard that Fair Lane was named after a road in Ireland.  I also found it interesting that Thomas Edison laid the cornerstone for the powerhouse on the estate.


The Powerhouse

The first building we came upon was the powerhouse.  There is a dam behind it, but we couldn’t access it because paths were closed due to construction.  Fair Lane is currently undergoing a renovation so only the grounds are open right now.  I was surprised that the grounds are closed on weekends and only open until 6pm weekdays.  Good thing I didn’t decide to go out there on the weekend.


Pathway of lilacs

I can’t imagine walking along this path any other time of year.  It was lined with lilacs and the smell was amazing!  This pathway leads from the powerhouse to the house. I had to keep stopping to smell the lilacs. Ali didn’t have much patience for this…


Fair Lane-the mansion

Here is the mansion.  It has a drive through area.  Of course, I had to peek through the windows.


The front door

The beautiful entryway.  You can see Ali reflected in the glass.  I just love all the details.


Daffodils and ?

There was some huge yellow flowers near the entryway.  I don’t know what they are called, but I tried to get the daffodils in the photo so you can see the size comparison.  I think it would take about 5-6 daffodils to make up one of the other flowers.


The side of the mansion

We meandered over to the side of the house.  There is a wonderful, large patio that I can just imagine fancy balls spilling out onto.  The Rouge River is off to the right behind the house.


The yard

Ali and I walked along this area.  Follow the “path” and there is a pond at the far end.  I can only imagine what it was like growing up here and having all this land as your playground.


Squirrel eating a nut

I couldn’t believe how close this squirrel let us get to him.  It appears he was eating a walnut.


The pond

We finally arrived at the pond.  There are a few benches to sit and watch the ducks.  There were about 4 ducks swimming around where we were.  There was a path/trail off to one side, so we decided to check it out.



A stream

We came upon a cute little stream that went under a stone bridge.



Resting at the pond

We sat along the pond and enjoyed for a short while.  But not too long because Ali always has places to be and things to do. R-E-L-A-X!



The first walk in the woods Bob and I ever took happened in Oregon where he was fascinated by mushrooms growing in the forest.  So of course, I had to take a picture of a huge mushroom growing out of a log.



Ali discovered this chipmunk.  I can’t believe I can actually see the chipmunk in the photo!


What is it?

I saw this tree stump along the path and found it intriguing.  I thought it looked like a wolf head.  Now that I look at it, it reminds me of a dolphin. What do you think?


A door

We discovered a couple doors that went underground.  Ali noticed they were locked. I wonder what was kept there?


Mini farmhouse

This is a little farmhouse that was built for the Michigan State Fair way back when. It was used to teach urban children about farm life.  It was over at Greenfield Village from 1938-1983 and then was moved back to the estate.


The other side of the mansion

Here we are back at the mansion.  This is the back of the mansion. This view makes it seem more like a castle and you know I love a good castle.



And back to the lilacs.  I’d like to share a few more photos with you….


A gate that leads to the lilac-lined path. Lilacs grow on both sides of the path.


A view to the house across the garden


Towards the lilacs. I tried to take a fancy photo




The garden side of the lilac path


The dam just beyond…



Deep purple lilacs


The well


Map of the grounds


Thanks for coming along on my little journey of the day.


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