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Northside Hardware

Did you know there is more to Northside Hardware in Wayne MI than meets the eye?  We try to use Northside for our hardware needs before hitting the big box stores.  It’s important to support your local small businesses. I love it because when I am looking for a little nail or doo dad, I can go back to that section and there is always a friendly gentleman to direct me right to what I need instead of looking at miles and miles (a slight exaggeration) of little boxes with pictures of them.

Northside had agreed to participate in the Wayne Main Street Holiday Window Display Contest.  I had to take a sign in to them and ask them to display it in their window.  The cashier up front called someone and sent me to the office.  I was thinking the office was that little area in the back of the store near the bicycles since they have a counter back there.  Nope.  I had to enter the holy grail of the door back by the sink fixtures.  Down the ramp past the cutting area.  Keep going further, an employee told me, through another door.  Wow!  Look at everything they have stored in this area.  Like a warehouse!  Keep going, someone else told me.  Further and further I walked.  I felt like I was intruding being in this area.  Turn left! someone said and knock on the door.  There was a door in front of me-the other door!  When I talked and was let in, I was pleasantly surprised.  After going through the store and the warehouse area, the office was a completely different world!  It was warm and welcoming and brightly lit for the holidays.  More modern, I would say.  A nice experience.  And the ladies were very friendly.

Well, as you might know, the employees at Northside are very friendly.  The only one I know by name is Howard because he has been cashing me out what seems like forever.  Back in the days when I actually took film in for processing.  I wonder if they still do that there?  Anyone know?

Tell me: Have you been to Northside?  If so, what is it you like about the store?


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  1. Northside Hdwe had a sign in their window for the longest time (maybe it’s still there) “If we don’t have it you don’t need it.” Phil is willing to order something in for you, just tell what the products name is and if it is available, he’ll get it for you.

    I’ve been shopping there since he opened in 1955, of course I was a teenager then.

    Comment by Ed McMurray | December 15, 2014 | Reply

  2. I’ll now be looking to see if I can see that sign anywhere, Ed. Thanks for sharing that Phil will order what you need. Lucky for me, anything I’ve needed has been on the shelf. And things I don’t need too! LOL!

    Comment by A Real Housewife in Detroit | December 16, 2014 | Reply

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