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Cookie Butter!


What in the world is cookie butter?  I wondered this when I was at Trader Joe’s last week.  I hadn’t been in this store for at least 5 years; it is not convenient to my home.  I went in looking for a tiny Christmas tree I had heard about.  No problem finding that; it was right inside the doors.  While Bob went over to the Omaha Steak place next door, I perused the aisles looking at the unusual items you don’t see at Kroger, my regular shopping spot.  I saw little cookies shaped like cats that came in three flavors.  And then there was something called Cookie Butter.  I had never heard of it before.  It looked interesting, but what in the world would I do with it?  It didn’t sound like something I would spread on bread like I do peanut butter.  So I left all those jars sitting on the shelf and went about my day.

Fast forward to a few days ago.  I come across a recipe for Millionaire Shortbread Cookies.  I love shortbread, especially the kind my mother-in-law so graciously bakes and gives to me and the kind my sister-in-law, Stefani (check out her goodies at ChefStefs.com) bakes.  This recipe had what looked like a layer of caramel and then a layer of chocolate on the shortbread.  I am all about the caramel and the chocolate!  I printed the recipe (which can be found at foodnetwork.com) and was gung-ho to make me some shortbread.  What’s this?  The recipe calls for cookie butter?  Slapping myself for not buying the cookie butter when I saw it, I now have to find it locally.  Of course, Kroger and Heartland don’t carry it.  I called up Holiday Market in Canton and lo and behold, yes they carry it.  So this morning I trotted my little behind to Holiday Market and went right to the aisle to pick it up.  (I had asked when I called where I would find it when they said they carried it).  What is cookie butter?  It says it is made from biscotti cookies.  I haven’t opened the jar yet to taste it.  Oh alright, You convinced me I better taste it.  It kind of looks like peanut butter.  It doesn’t smell like peanut butter;  more like a bag of cookies.  The texture of peanut butter, but it tastes more like a sugar cookie.  Not too bad.  I’ll let you know how the shortbread turns out when I make it.

Let me know: have you ever heard of cookie butter before today and if so, what do you think of it?


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