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Northside Hardware

Did you know there is more to Northside Hardware in Wayne MI than meets the eye?  We try to use Northside for our hardware needs before hitting the big box stores.  It’s important to support your local small businesses. I love it because when I am looking for a little nail or doo dad, I can go back to that section and there is always a friendly gentleman to direct me right to what I need instead of looking at miles and miles (a slight exaggeration) of little boxes with pictures of them.

Northside had agreed to participate in the Wayne Main Street Holiday Window Display Contest.  I had to take a sign in to them and ask them to display it in their window.  The cashier up front called someone and sent me to the office.  I was thinking the office was that little area in the back of the store near the bicycles since they have a counter back there.  Nope.  I had to enter the holy grail of the door back by the sink fixtures.  Down the ramp past the cutting area.  Keep going further, an employee told me, through another door.  Wow!  Look at everything they have stored in this area.  Like a warehouse!  Keep going, someone else told me.  Further and further I walked.  I felt like I was intruding being in this area.  Turn left! someone said and knock on the door.  There was a door in front of me-the other door!  When I talked and was let in, I was pleasantly surprised.  After going through the store and the warehouse area, the office was a completely different world!  It was warm and welcoming and brightly lit for the holidays.  More modern, I would say.  A nice experience.  And the ladies were very friendly.

Well, as you might know, the employees at Northside are very friendly.  The only one I know by name is Howard because he has been cashing me out what seems like forever.  Back in the days when I actually took film in for processing.  I wonder if they still do that there?  Anyone know?

Tell me: Have you been to Northside?  If so, what is it you like about the store?

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Wayne City Council Meeting

Last week I happened to be at the Wayne Main Street office right before a city council meeting.  Our WMS office is in the Wayne Activity and Banquet Center.  The City Council holds their meeting in the large room there.  On my list of new things to do in 2014 was to attend a city council meeting.  I had intended to go to a Westland one since that is the city I live in, but I figured Wayne would be just as educational.  I found a place to sit and grabbed an agenda to see what would be covered that night.


There was a crowd at this meeting.  I thought “wow, so many people attend the Wayne meetings!”  Apparently, that isn’t so.  Some young women were being recognized for being Wayne-Westland Distinguished Young Women.  Some were family members and friends to see the swearing in of the new Police Chief.  Some were there with the Sisters who were buying a piece of property the city owned next to their school for $1.  Once those people cleared out, it was down to the size of the audience I see when I happen to catch the Westland council meetings on cable TV.


The meeting didn’t take long.  The council members seemed friendly.  Nothing got too heated.  All in all, a pleasant experience.  It’s a good way to learn more about your community and what is happening.

Tell me: have you ever been to a city council meeting?  If so, are you a regular attendee?

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Cookie Butter!


What in the world is cookie butter?  I wondered this when I was at Trader Joe’s last week.  I hadn’t been in this store for at least 5 years; it is not convenient to my home.  I went in looking for a tiny Christmas tree I had heard about.  No problem finding that; it was right inside the doors.  While Bob went over to the Omaha Steak place next door, I perused the aisles looking at the unusual items you don’t see at Kroger, my regular shopping spot.  I saw little cookies shaped like cats that came in three flavors.  And then there was something called Cookie Butter.  I had never heard of it before.  It looked interesting, but what in the world would I do with it?  It didn’t sound like something I would spread on bread like I do peanut butter.  So I left all those jars sitting on the shelf and went about my day.

Fast forward to a few days ago.  I come across a recipe for Millionaire Shortbread Cookies.  I love shortbread, especially the kind my mother-in-law so graciously bakes and gives to me and the kind my sister-in-law, Stefani (check out her goodies at ChefStefs.com) bakes.  This recipe had what looked like a layer of caramel and then a layer of chocolate on the shortbread.  I am all about the caramel and the chocolate!  I printed the recipe (which can be found at foodnetwork.com) and was gung-ho to make me some shortbread.  What’s this?  The recipe calls for cookie butter?  Slapping myself for not buying the cookie butter when I saw it, I now have to find it locally.  Of course, Kroger and Heartland don’t carry it.  I called up Holiday Market in Canton and lo and behold, yes they carry it.  So this morning I trotted my little behind to Holiday Market and went right to the aisle to pick it up.  (I had asked when I called where I would find it when they said they carried it).  What is cookie butter?  It says it is made from biscotti cookies.  I haven’t opened the jar yet to taste it.  Oh alright, You convinced me I better taste it.  It kind of looks like peanut butter.  It doesn’t smell like peanut butter;  more like a bag of cookies.  The texture of peanut butter, but it tastes more like a sugar cookie.  Not too bad.  I’ll let you know how the shortbread turns out when I make it.

Let me know: have you ever heard of cookie butter before today and if so, what do you think of it?

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