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Voice Mail on My Computer?

This post is short and sweet.  I learned that you can listen to a voice mail on your computer.  I got an email from a friend that had a voice mail message attached to it.  I never knew you could do such a thing!  I can barely get my voice mail on my phone.  It’s a hit or miss process.  Sometimes I get them and sometimes I feel like an idiot because I can’t remember how to do it while knowing that I can do it because I’ve done it before.  Ever have one of THOSE moments?

Anyway, learning how to do it can be saved for another day.  The fact is, I now know it can be done and so do you!  And if you do know how to do it, I would be most appreciative if you shared here so I and others can learn.  Thank you.  Now go out and enjoy that freezing cold snow!


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With a Name Like Deadwood, What Would You Expect?

After a not-so-successful meal at the nearby Beaver Creek Saloon and Grill (note the new name), Bob and I took the gift cards given to us by his folks and headed out to try the Deadwood Bar and Grill in Novi.  We had learned that the owners of the 5 restaurants (including The Moose Preserve in Bloomfield Hills, Camp Ticonderoga in Troy, and Iroguois Club in Bloomfield Hills) are the same people who are restoring The White Horse Inn in Metamora.  We learned there were problems when they sold Beaver Creek to its new owners, thus Beaver Creek isn’t accepting any gift cards that were sold under the old owner, despite the cards being for Beaver Creek.  That’s the long story.

Anyway, we headed off on our 23rd anniversary to try to use the gift cards. Vera, my GPS system in the truck, took us to a bulding that looked very vacant.  Turns out the restaurant was a few buildings down the road.  So we arrived.


Deadwood Bar and Grill

The first thing I asked was whether they were going to take our gift cards.  Who knew when we went to Beaver Creek that we would have to confirm they would take Beaver Creek gift cards?  We weren’t going to be fooled again!

The place was actually rather cozy inside.  I love the lights hanging throughout on “tree” partitions.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI also loved this chandelier.  I am a great lover of chandeliers, much to Bob’s dismay.  He doesn’t like them.  Still, at least I have one hanging in our house in the kitchen over the sink and it gives off the greatest light!  Much better than the light that it replaced ever did give off.


I also loved (and I don’t know where the blue writing has appeared from but I will worry about that another day) this moose over the roaring fireplace.


I so loved my grandma Ole’s chicken and dumplings.  When I saw that the restaurant had chicken and dumpling soup on the menu, I decided that would hit the spot.


Wow! Look at those big chunks of chicken!   Too bad I didn’t like them very well.  Just a little note, Bella didn’t like them either when she got her doggie bag.


And certainly not what I was expecting for a dumpling.  It tasted more like a thick noodle to me.  But maybe that’s what goes for a dumpling these days.  Not those big thick fluffy mounds of goodness that grandma made.  Yes, that is a dumpling on my spoon.  Glad I ordered a cup of soup and not the mug.

Overall, not a bad experience.  The staff was friendly.  We got a big chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven as a treat from the server.  I would go back, but not for the soup.

And here’s a little something I discovered in the restroom–this is the very first one I have ever seen tampons sitting in a decorative container on the sink counter, free for the taking if needed.  Hmmm.

Now if only I knew how to get the print black instead of blue…..

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Phone as Remote Control

If you are of my generation or older, you will remember the days when we actually had to get up off the couch and go to the TV to change the channel when we wanted to watch something else.  You could be a couch potato, but you would be one that got a little up and down action as you rose and sat and got a little walking in as you went back and forth to the TV.  Your wrist would even get a little action turning the dial.

Then new technology came around and a thing called a remote was born.  You could change channels by pointing this device at your tv.  No more exercise to change the channel.  What a great tool for those who are sick, bedridden, or otherwise unable to get up and change the channel.  Not so good for the rest of us who were learning to become a little bit lazy.

Today, I received an email for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that informed me I could turn my cell phone (another technological marvel) into a remote to control my TV.  Since I needed to learn something new today, I followed the steps on the webpage I was directed to and lo and behold, my phone was controlling my TV.  I had to call up the program on my phone, pick my TV brand, point the phone at the TV, press and button and voila! my TV came on.  I had to push another button to change the channel.  After pushing, I was asked if the channel changed.  If not, the phone advanced a new button to push and kept doing so until I was able to change the channel.  There is a keypad for inputting a channel number.  I can control the TV volume.  Such a handy little program.  I don’t know how much I will use it as I don’t carry my phone everywhere with me, but I know I have a back up device when the real remote starts getting temperamental on me.

So tell me, can you change your TV with your phone?  What other things can your phone do that you think is cool?

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