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Do Fitness and Mint Milkshakes Mix?

Back in January, I was participating in the Buddy Up 2.0 program through the City of Westland.  I was able to get a discount at the Wayne Rec Center to try their “gym” for 30 days.  My family had a Lifetime Fitness membership, but we weren’t going as often as we should to make it worth what we were paying.  We decided to look around at other facilities (we had already done this the year before, but we like to cover all our bases).  We made visits to Anytime Fitness which was open 24 hours (you get a key to access the equipment during “off” hours), Planet Fitness and Bob was able to check out the Wayne Rec Center. 


Although Anytime was very convenient for us (it is in a strip mall right around the corner from our neighborhood) and it had 24 hour access (which was good for Bob as his work schedule doesn’t allow him “normal” hours), we thought the monthly membership was too high for what we would get.  The place was clean and had plenty of equipment, but it didn’t feel like the right fit for us.


Planet Fitness is a straight shot down a main road once we leave the neighborhood. It was big and had lots of equipment.  There was an area where you could do a fitness routine in 20 minutes or so by spending a brief amount of time doing each station and moving when the alarm sounds.  I like the idea of this.  They had a tanning booth, but since I don’t follow the tanning booth trend, it was not a factor in my decision-making. Although they advertise “No Gymtimidation”, I felt intimidated just by the massive layout of gym equipment.  Although it was clean and had all the bells and whistles, I didn’t feel “comfortable” here.


 I loved Lifetime Fitness, our current fitness center.  The people were always so welcoming and friendly.  I never felt intimidated.  We could use the pool. Jacuzzi and sauna anytime.  Actually, we could use the gym anytime also because they were also open 24 hours.  There was a café where we could grab something to eat if needed.  Ali and John enjoyed using the rock climbing wall.  Well, I did too in my mind; my leg muscles didn’t always enjoy it. Ali and I used their massage services with an introductory rate when we first joined.  Alas, the monthly membership fee was high and unless we went every day, the per use amount could get spendy.  It was with sadness that we closed our membership and opened up a new membership at….

Wayne Recreation Center

The amount we would pay for a yearly membership was less than 2 months at Lifetime.  It had all the same equipment.  We still got pool use and a Jacuzzi along with all the cardio and workout equipment we use.  The only drawback was the restricted hours to use the facility-the hours the rec center is open each day. 

Finally, as the perfect ending to a fitness center packed day, we stopped at Arby’s.  I got the seasonal Shamrock Mint Shake with chocolate drizzles.  It was deeeeeliciousssss!


So tell me, do you belong to a fitness club or gym?  If so, why did you choose it over any other one?




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