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I Finally Made it to the Olympics!

The Senior Olympics, that is.  Once you turn 50, you can join this elite group of athletes and surprisingly, artists, and compete for that Olympic medal you never knew you always wanted.  Yes, folks-welcome to the 2014 Western Wayne County Senior Olympics!


Olympians from all over Western Wayne County Michigan descended on Nankin Mills Field for a hearty pre-competition breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage patty, bagel and cream cheese, fruit cup, orange juice and water at the picnic pavilion. 


After breakfast, everyone lined up behind the sign for the city they represented.  I represented the All-American city of Westland.  The Olympic music was played as the city delegates all walked in a line to the ceremony tent.


The delegates were welcomed with a few opening remarks and then the torch was lit! It took 3 lighters to get the torch going.


And let the games begin!  There were areas set up for the baseball throw, the soccer kick and Frisbee throwing.  I didn’t sign up for any of these, but next year I am going to enter the soccer kick and the Frisbee throw.  I just have to practice throwing a Frisbee so I can throw it through the hoops.  The hoops reminded me of Quidditch.  Maybe they should have a Quidditch event!  A lady I met at breakfast had entered the 5 mile bike ride.  The riders were getting ready at the entrance to the park.  I could probably enter the bike ride next year also.  I was going to go home after the ceremony, but I decided to stay for the 1 mile Fun Walk.  I am glad I did because I met Sandy, who happens to also live in Westland.  We chatted as we walked.  As it turns out, we think (as did others) that we walked a mile to the turn-around point to get water and then another mile back.  Of course, what would be the Olympics if there weren’t a few minor mishaps?  A lady fell over with her walker while doing the fun walk and banged her head.  The paramedics were called to make sure she was okay. 


I was certainly having fun!


I entered 4 competitions.  First, we have the photography-people/activities.  Below is my entry.  I called it “Slow Mover”.  It is my father-in-law on his bicycle.  His shirt has the caution sign for Slow Mover.  I love that he is out everyday riding his bike and staying active.  This is the bike is employer got him when he retired. All of the photos had a good chance to win.  They were all good; it just depended on what the judges themselves were attracted to.  The only comment I have to make is that the rules said to put the title of your photo on the front.  The majority of the photos did not have titles and of the 3 winners, only 1 had a title.


The next entry I had was for photography-scenery.  I call this “Serendipity”.  It is a scene taken at Proven Winners in Carleton, MI.  The Wayne Garden Club took a trip there a few months ago. Again, all the photos in this category were good.


The 3rd entry was in Jewelry.  I called this bracelet I made in a class at Michael’s “Pink Pearl Sparkle”.  If you know me, you know I love the sparkle!  As you can guess, I won 3rd place!  I was quite thrilled!  My first Olympic moment!  You can see a portion of the 1st place winner to the right of the photo.


Finally, my last entry was Mixed Media.  I called this “Monarch Migration”. 


I also entered the Creative Writing competition.  We were put in a room and given pencils and paper.  At the top of the hour, we were given a topic to write about-My Most Memorable Vacation.  We had one hour to write and turn in our piece.  At the afternoon reception announcing the winners, the winning piece was read.  Although I thought my piece was great and surely a winner, the selected winner was really good too. 

On Friday, an awards banquet was held at Burton Manor in Livonia.  Some people dressed up and some wore their Olympic t-shirt given to all entrants.  There were about 20 vendors in the banquet hall to visit.  I visited every table and got freebies-pens, hand sanitizer, tote bags (love the extra big ones!), cookies, candy, etc. A senior group called the Music Makers sang during the beginning of the banquet.  We had some opening words and then got to go through the buffet line.  We were also able to go up to tables lined up alphabetically by city that displayed all the winning medals and what they were for and who  won them.  I was able to pick up my bronze medal for the jewelry.  It felt really good around my neck.  I thought it might be too much to wear it while I was out shopping and running errands after the banquet.

I will be back for more next year!  If you are at least 50, please consider competing next year in your local senior Olympics.  It is so much fun and I made a few new friends. If you have already competed, tell me about it!


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