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The Bike Shop

I don’t mind going to the mall and browsing in a new shop.  It doesn’t seem intimidating to walk into a store that’s in a line of stores.  I do find it intimidating though, to walk into a new store that you have to drive to, park in their lot and then walk in.  I had to do this recently, though, when I needed a bike cover for my new bike. I thought Wayne still had a bike shop in their downtown; I went there and it turned out to be a scooter shop now.  I had passed a bike shop on Middlebelt quite a few times in shuttling John back and forth from Lawrence Tech.  I decided I would head over there and see if they had one after first hitting Walmart and Target and finding nothing.  I park in the back lot of this bike shop and nothing stands out to welcome me in from the parking lot.  So I walk around to the street front door and am greeted? by a sign that tells me to use the parking lot door as an entrance.  Ugh!  So back I walk to the parking lot and use the back door.  I didn’t feel very welcomed at this door, but that’s beside the point, I think.  I was greeted by someone when I came in.  I asked if they had any bike covers.  He had just sold his last one and wasn’t expecting any more for a few days.  I walked around the store, but it was mostly bikes rather than cool accessories, so I left.  I don’t know why walking into a new place like this made me uncomfortable.  It wasn’t so bad, though.  I still like mall shopping better!

Anyway, I was at KMart a few days later and guess what?  They had a bike cover.  I just covered my bike;  it’s now protected from the rain when it has to sit outside. 

Are there stores that you think you might like to go into that intimidate you?


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