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History of Eloise

A few weeks ago, I went to a program at the library called “History of Eloise”.  Eloise is the former insane asylum, poor house, hospital, call it what you will, that is located in Westland MI.  It closed it’s doors in 1982,  long before I arrived in Michigan.  A lady with the Friends of Eloise gave a talk about the history, duh!, of Eloise.  It was very interesting, but I found it most interesting to hear from a lady who couldn’t be there that night about how she had grown up living at Eloise (her father worked there and employees and their families lived on site). There was fencing that surrounded the Eloise grounds.  It was there not to keep the inmates inside but to keep regular folks out.  The grounds were so well-maintained that people wanted to come and picnic on the grounds.  This lady said when the kids got bored, they would go out to the fence, grab hold of the bars, and rattle them while screaming to be let out. They found this very entertaining as people would drive by.  When the Friends of Eloise was first formed, they went around the table asking why each person who came to that first meeting was there.  One gal mentioned that as a kid, she remembered her family driving by Eloise and seeing the crazy people rattling the bars to get out.  The one lady was there and laughed, saying they did that for fun.  I wish I had grown up in this area to see more of the history of Eloise.

During the Q and A after the talk, a gentleman in the back of the room stood up, said he was a ghosthunter, and that was that!  Ali had come with me and neither of us got to hear the conversation.  As soon as he said ghosthunter, people around us were whispering “he’s a ghosthunter!” with disgust and then they proceeded to carry on normal conversations.  How RUDE! (as Michelle Tanner of “Full House” would say.)  I would have found a conversation on ghost hunting interesting.  We were also told that the tunnels that ran under Eloise had been filled by the Fire Department, but I don’t know when they did that.  Exploring the tunnels could have been fun!

And in case you didn’t know, there is going to be a movie made with Eloise in it.  Some people are saying it’s about Eloise, but I think Eloise is just the backdrop for the movie. 

Do you have any experiences you remember in regards to Eloise?  If so, share them with me.  I would love to hear about them.


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