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Landline Lessons

Well, this is a first for me.  I am writing a post right after learning something new!  We got a new landline phone system last fall. Today, I finally decided to learn how to to record my own outgoing message.  Luckily, the phone set included a handy dandy user’s manual.  I really like manuals.  They make things so much easier (when you actually use them).  I wish my phone, my iPad and my laptop came with user’s manuals.  Nooooo!   I have to go out and buy a book, like iPad for dummies,  to learn things. I don’t know if that’s an actual book title, but you get the picture.

So armed with a handset and my manual, I was ready.  I started reading through the manual and while waiting to get to the part about recording outgoing messages, I learned several other things!  I found out I can push a button on the handset and call another handset in the house.  Like maybe I want to call my husband who’s comfortably ensconced in bed watching TV while I am in the living room watching a rollicking evening of “Dancing With the Stars” .  I don’t want to miss one minute of seeing Charlie or Meryl perform.  Actually, I was thinking last night wouldn’t it be great if they continued to compete and were able to incorporate these new–to-them dance moves into their routine?   How awesome would that be for ice dancing?  Anyway…I might want to tell Bob that I am ready for him to bake me some chocolate chip cookies.  I wouldn’t even need to move from the couch.  It would be payback for when I was on the couch with scrapbook memorabilia all sorted over me and to my sides and he called me on my cell phone (which I do not have with me at all times–I grew up when the only phone was the house phone or the pay phone.)  So I push everything aside, careful not to mess up my organized piles, and answer my phone.  Not many people have my cell number so it must be important if it rings.  Low and behold, Bob is on the phone telling me he is ready for ME to bake chocolate chip cookies.  And he’s down the hall in the bedroom.  Yea, so funny!  In case you are wondering, I did make him cookies.  It’s the least I can do when he works all day.

I also learned I can set the number of times the phone rings before the answering machine picks up.  It seems I am always doing laundry, or out in the yard, or doing something important when the phone rings.  By the time I hear it and rush rush rush to the phone (because it could always be really important), I’ve missed the call.  So I set my ringer for 6 rings instead of 2 or 4 or whatever we were at.  My dad taught me you should always let the phone ring 7 times before you hang up to give a person time to answer the phone.  Yes, that was the old days when people didn’t carry their phones in their pockets.  Can you imagine carrying around one of those old rotary phones?  I’m still all for my invention of the phone piece integrated into your hand so all you have to do to answer the phone is hold your hand up to your ear and say hello! 

So those are some of the things I learned today about our landline phone.  If you have a landline, why don’t you go check it out and see if you can discover something about it you didn’t already know.  Let me know what you find out!


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