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To Teeth or Not to Teeth

As you might know, one of the side effects, if you could call it that, of the tongue cancer was having to have all my teeth pulled.  This was a very traumatic thing for a young person.  I had to wait over a year before I could get fitted for dentures because my gums had to heal completely to lessen the risk of cancer recurring.  By the time I got the dentures, I was so used to eating without anything that it was very difficult to eat with them.  Another side effect of the radiation was that I could only open my mouth so far.  Put in the teeth, open the mouth, and try to stuff some food inside.  Wasn’t working too well.  It took much too long to eat with the teeth in.  So out they came.  After several years, I was able to find a new prosthodontist who told me that the dentures that had been made for me originally were all wrong.  He could see they were not a good fit.  He specialized in dentures so he took his time with me and we went outside the box.  I have a small mouth so I had to have a small set made.  I am happy with the fit of the new ones (I’ve had them for a year now), but again it is so hard to eat with them in.  I imagine that is because I am not used to them.  I try to put them in and then within a few hours, they are back out because I want to eat.  And then they just don’t go back in.

So one day last month, I decided to challenge myself to wear them all day.  I waited until after I ate breakfast and then plopped them in my mouth.  It felt odd at first, of course, but I muddled through.  I made it until dinner time when I became frustrated trying to eat and took them out.  I know that I need to work on this everyday ’cause I certainly hate my smile without them.  I try to imagine what it is like for someone, say the gal on Dancing with the Stars, who lost her legs and what they have to go through to get used to fake ones.  They all usually say that it hurts and is uncomfortable.  So it is with dentures.  I guess I just have to challenge myself each day to put them in and see where it takes me.  A little bit each day builds on itself and soon enough I will be eating like I used to.

Is there anyone out there who also has dentures?  How did you feel with them?  Do you have any tips for me?

On another note, there was a day I challenged myself to learn how to make a grocery list on my new Note 3 phone.  I had heard you could make a list and then check items off as you added them to your cart.  So I played with my phone, found a note app, and was able to make a list with checkboxes.  It didn’t take but maybe 10 minutes for me to figure this out.  Go me!

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