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A Hero’s Zeroes

I had more days where I didn’t do anything daring or challenging.  And you know what?  After letting it bother me for a few months, I came to the conclusion that it is okay.  I’m not here to stress myself out.  If a challenge comes up, great!  But if it doesn’t, that’s okay too.  I made a chart of each month and what I did each day.  In January, I had 6 days where I didn’t challenge myself.  That means more than 3/4 of the month was spent doing something new.  In February, I had 10 days of zeroes.  So, 2/3 of the month, I did get something new accomplished.  Now into March, I’ve had 14 days of zeroes before today.  That is, of course, disappointing to see.  But it is not the end of the world.  So instead of worrying about the days I didn’t try something new, I will focus on the days I do challenge myself. 

Life is like this.  You make a plan and sometimes, the plan doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to.  So you adjust the plan and carry on. So, my friends, carry on with a new plan if you need to.  We understand.


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