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Do Nothing Day

I declared March 12 Do Nothing Day.  The day before had been a glorious spring-feeling day.  The sun was out, the snow was melting, the roads were dry.  I drove with my car window down.  I was feeling the love.  Then I woke up Wednesday morning.  The nightmare had returned.  I looked outside and there was snow all over.  Not just a little snow but about 6 inches of the white powdery stuff.  I did not order this stuff!  I wanted to send it back.  My mother in law called to say that the Garden Club meeting was cancelled for that afternoon.  I got an email from the library that they were closing at noon.  I was just not feeling it on this day.  I tried to do housework.  I tried to do things I liked to do.  The snow won.  I decided I would just declare the day Do Nothing Day.  Why can’t we have a day where we don’t rush around doing housework and running errands and taking care of everyone else?  Why does life always have to be go go go?  I checked out of my normal routine for the day and you know what?  It didn’t kill me.  I felt much more refreshed the next day and continued on with my normal activities.

Have you ever taken a Do Nothing Day?  If so, tell me about it.  I salute you!


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