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Thursday Catch-Up: Art Journal, Blast Class and others

I’m going to catch you up real quick with my Thursday Dare challenges so far this year that I haven’t already mentioned.  So far, I haven’t done anything today, but I am thinking I will challenge myself to learn how to view video on my camera.  But that comes later. Now for the past:

February 27-Ali and I went to Target and upon coming out of the store, learned that my van wouldn’t start.  Darn cold weather!  I waited and tried again.  No luck.  Bob was at work and the in-laws were not answering their phone.  Ali got her boyfriend and his dad to come pick us up and take me home.  When Bob got home from work, we went back to Target and started the van with a jump start.  I learned not to let the black and the red parts touch.  I learned that since my battery is imbedded deep in the front of the van, you have to use alternate means to hook the jumper cables up.  Since the weather was below freezing, I wasn’t interested in learning much more than that.  Van got started and I got it home.  That was enough learning for today!

February 13-I have wanted to art journal for a few months now.  I have been reading about it and it looked fun and interesting.  I have always kept some kind of scrapbook, even when I was young.  It was hard to start the journal because I wanted to do it “right”.  I am learning that there is no real “right” way to do it.  You just have to start!  Here is my first art journal page:











And if you are wondering what else I have done since then, I have to say……nothing.  I’ve got to change that.

January 30-I took a Blast Class at Westland Skateland with my team from Buddy Up 2.0.  It involved lifting some light weights and doing weird body movements.  Okay, so they were weird to me, the uninitiated.  It was an interesting workout, but not one I would actually pay for in the future.  I also did another new thing this morning.  Since I was able to get a one-month membership to the Wayne Rec Center as part of Buddy Up, I decided to walk the indoor track over the pool.  I’ve always observed people doing it when I’ve taken the kids swimming in the past.  Today was my day to try it.  A little over 12 laps constitutes a mile.  I made the mile and counted it toward my triathlon mileage, however I won’t be walking there anytime soon.  It was very hot and humid in there (the pool, you know?).  I shouldn’t complain because outside it was below freezing.  So I won’t complain.

Here are a couple pictures.  Imagine us all on the skate floor with our yoga mats and weights. The lady in gray to the left behind the one in orange is my Buddy Up team captain-Sandi Franka.  Next to her is her co-captain-Julia Miron to the right in orange.  They are such great captains!


Jaunary 23-I swimmed my first laps.  I just learned how to swim last fall when I took classes at Lifetime Fitness. I was able to complete 6 laps before I was ready to collapse.  Feeling lightheaded does not mix with being in water.  But I was now 6 laps into the swimming portion of my Buddy Up triathlon, so I was pleased.  Yea me!

January 16-I failed to challenge myself.

January 9-I had to pick up Ali from her dorm on my way home from UofM.  It was awful on the roads-snow, ice, slow-moving traffic-so I decided to try a new way to get to EMU. Probably not the best thing to do with all those factors AND darkness, but I did it anyway.  I really wasn’t sure where I was supposed to turn off of the road.  I just kept following the signs to EMU.  Not easy to see either in the falling snow.  Snow had only been around for a couple weeks at the time, so I wasn’t too concerned.  Anyway, I eventually found the road to turn off on and made it to campus.  It was so much easier than I thought it was going to be.  I also learned of some new restaurants along the way that would be interesting to try.  When the weather warms up and the snow melts, of course.

And that is it for my Thursdays in 2014.  If I skipped a date, it is because I have probably already written about it.

Thanks for reading!  And stay warm!



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