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Catching Up On Tuesdays

Just got home from the gym and before I start the chores for the day, I still have some free time to play catch up.  This is hard for me because I can type and write to my heart’s content.  It’s adding the pictures that stresses me out because I am not good at it and it takes a long time. So here goes the Tuesday catch up.

February 11

I got wild and crazy with my breakfast and changed it up.  Instead of my usual peaches and cream oatmeal with a strawberry smoothie, I tried the strawberries and cream oatmeal.



It’s actually more colorful than my regular peach oatmeal.  And it was tasty too.  Well, as tasty as oatmeal can get.

February 4

I didn’t do anything on this day.  The winter weather and all the snow we have accumulated does not make for exciting times anymore.  It’s exciting when it first comes down, but now that we’ve had constant snow and ice on the ground for 1 1/2 months, it is old.  So old.  Melt already!

January 28

I went to a book club meeting at the library.  I hadn’t been to an afternoon book club where I don’t know anyone.  But they were going to discuss the book “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed.  I read the book several years ago and really liked it.  It was the basis of my inspiration to hike the Appalachian Trail.  In case you’re wondering, I haven’t done that yet.  Why Appalachian and not the Pacific Trail?  Well, the Pacific Trail is not as well marked as the Appalachian.  Don’t want to get lost.  Both have rattlesnakes, so no difference there. And it seems civilization is easier to get to on the Appalachian.  They have groups that come in and clean up the trails and the overnight spots.  However, maybe the Pacific Trail has those things now too.  The time frame for the book was back in the 90s I believe.  Anyway, there were 3 other ladies there plus the moderator.  It was an interesting talk.  Most hadn’t liked the book, so I was a minority.  I enjoyed my time there, but I don’t plan to go back next month. (this month).  The book they were going to read next didn’t excite me and for anyone who knows me, I have bookshelves of books at home I have yet to read.  Those took priority over one that didn’t interest me.

I used to belong to a book club I started at my old church, but it has since disbanded.  I would like to be part of a bookclub that has meetings that are themed to tie in with the book.  Oh, I am in the process of joining the Wayne Ladies Literary Society (over 100 years old!).  They just read Annie’s Ghost’s that focuses on the Eloise asylum.  Liked that book too!

Do you belong to a book club?  Tell me about it.

Janjuary 21

No challenge tried today.

January 14

After physical therapy for my neck, I stopped at Barnes and Noble.  I love love love looking at (and buying) magazines.  I always gravitate to the same ones-the crafty ones and ones on writing.  I decided I would step outside my box and buy a magazine I wouldn’t normally.  I bought a writing magazine that is based out of Great Britain.  I can’t recall the title and didn’t take a picture.  I haven’t even finished reading it, but I did buy something I wouldn’t normally.  Maybe next time, I will buy a magazine that is outside of crafting and writing.

January 7

Today involved trying a new food.  We were at Kroger looking for something for dinner when I saw Beef Pasties in the deli section.  My father in law talks a lot about pasties, so I thought maybe we should try them out.  Good for me, they were high in calories.  Yum Yum!  Thumbs up or thumbs down?  I’d give it a thumbs midway.  It wasn’t something I would jump right up and buy again, but it wasn’t something I would absolutely avoid.  Have you tried anything new lately?

And that completes the Tuesday roundup for the year so far.  Well, I have to do something today, but that hasn’t fallen into my lap yet so we shall see.  Stay tuned.

And if you like keeping up with me, be sure to click the button the side of the page that allows you to follow me.  That way, you won’t miss a single post of my daring adventures.  I just want the weather to improve so I can be more daring.



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