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Fallen But Not Forgotten

Since I am not great with uploading photos from my camera, I have fallen behind in updating my posts.  I kept telling myself I would get to it each day, and alas, each day passed.  However, I have continued to do new things each day and I am going to at least attempt to get caught up with things I have done on Sundays.  How’s that?  It’s a start, right?

I haven’t done anything yet today, so that will have to come another day (if I really stay on top of things, maybe later tonight or tomorrow.  Woo Hoo!).

SUNDAY: February 9

Bob and I went to see The Lego Movie at the MJR Westland Theater.  They had a display for the movie in the concession stand area.  You could go behind the stand and put your face in a cutout and become part of the scene.  Most people would say this is for kids.  Well, I brought out my inner kid and made Bob take a picture of me becoming a Lego.  Check it out!  (But first I have to get the camera, load the memory card and try to find the picture and attempt to get it here.  Give me just a minute-or two or three….)


I was trying to get my at home scoring done for the M2CCA (2nd year medical student exam) at the University of Michigan.  I had to watch 6 videos of students taking the exam on Friday and score them on meeting certain criteria.  I have never had problems pulling up videos before, but today was the exception.  Now we are doing a high stakes exam and I am having problems.  It figures.

I emailed my trainer about my problems and she asked me to send her a screenshot of what I was getting when I tried to view the video.  A screenshot?  I knew what that was, but I had no idea how to make one.  She emailed me some instructions which I tried to follow.  You know how that goes, right?  You follow the instructions to the “T” and it doesn’t work.  It certainly can’t be the operator of the computer who is at fault!  So I googled getting a screenshot and found that to be a tad more helpful.  I was finally able to figure it out and grab a screenshot.  I was having a few problems with my email inbox displaying, so I decided to reboot my computer before I sent her the shot.  I decided one more time to try to get the videos to open and lo and behold! they worked!  So I didn’t need to send the screenshot after all, but I did learn to take a screenshot!  Now let’s see if I remember that whenever I need one.  No picture of this.

Sunday, January 26

This particular Sunday, we had lots and lots and lots of snow.  It never seems to stop!  When I went to wipe off the back window of my van, the snow was at least 6 inches deep.  I couldn’t believe that much snow could stick to a vertical surface.  It was below-freezing outside.  I had to bundle up, put on boots and trudge outside to shovel the driveway before Bob returned from work.  Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to drive into the driveway and that would make for a very grumpy hubby.  We don’t want that!  So there I was, huffing and puffing and trying to decide where I was going to put this snow.  We already had high piles on one side of the driveway where our yard was.  So I bit the bullet and piled all the snow into the neighbors yard.  I felt bad about doing it, but I can only lift so much snow (you do realize it is heavy, right?) at a time.  So more grunt grunt and heave ho and I finished just before he came home.  I can’t be two places at one time, so I wasn’t able to take a picture of me working hard.  So just imagine it….

Sunday, January 19

Remember how I wrote a novel during NaNoWriMo in November?  I had been so proud of myself for the accomplishment.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was a rough draft and that was a big deal to me.  On Jan. 19, I copied the  novel onto a flashdrive (something I am still a novice at) and took it to Office Max where I had it printed and bound.  I could show you a picture, but I would have to take the memory card out of the computer where it is currently residing, take the picture, and then try to download it.  That’s too much work for right now, so just believe me-it is a beautiful piece of work.  Now I just have to schedule times to go through it, mark it up, make lots of revisions and rearrangements and have a new draft to print out.  Maybe when all the snow melts and the temperature gets to the 70s–will that time ever come?  It sure doesn’t feel like it.

Sunday, January 12

No picture for this one either.  I made a note that said “spinach/broccoli”.  I can tell you I ate something that had spinach and broccoli in it-2 things I don’t eat.  I think we may have gone to Bob’s folks for dinner and had a stir fry with those items in it.  So I dared myself to eat something I wouldn’t ordinarily eat-spinach and broccoli.  And you know what?  They weren’t half bad.  Actually, I used to eat spinach when I was a wee one.  But then I started elementary school and you know how everyone goes “EW” when the spinach is put on the school lunch tray?  Well, I certainly couldn’t be the kid who was going to eat what everyone else said yuck to.  So I no longer liked spinach and let that carry over through many, many years.  Isn’t it funny how school and other kids can influence us?  Is there something you were influenced to no longer like or do because other’s didn’t think it was cool?

Sunday, January 5

On this day, I reached out to a friend I had made while working for Social Security in San Diego.  Carla was a wonderful and welcoming person when I first started at the office.  While Bob was at sea, she even went out to dinner with me on my birthday.  I had seen a post on facebook about her, so I sent her a message asking what she was up to and telling her a bit about me since San Diego.  It felt good to reconnect with an old friend.  So often we move on from a place, a job, a club, etc and lose contact with those who were our friends.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone reached out to someone they hadn’t communicated with in a long time and just said “hi, I’m thinking about you?”

And that’s the end of everything I did that was new to me on Sundays in 2014.

Wait!  I do have a new item for today.  Ali and her friend Bree dropped by the house before going out to dinner.  They had stopped at Panera Bread for a snack after leaving EMU.  Ali bought me and Bob each a chocolate frosted brownie.  I’ve had brownies before, but never one from Panera, so I can count that as something new.  It is actually very good as I have been taking bites of it and working on this since it arrived halfway through this blogpost.  The best part of it is the frosting.  Now that would be a fantastic brownie–all frosting!






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