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Day 4-Ho Hum

A dear sweet lady I knew from my old church passed away recently.  Her memorial service was yesterday, Jan 4.  I went to the service even though I no longer feel comfortable attending this church itself.  Many of the people of the church, however, are wonderful people that I truly miss seeing from week to week.

I am all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone this year.  At first, I wasn’t going to take communion because I did not feel comfortable going to the front of this church.  However, my love of the Lord overrode that discomfort, and I bit the bullet and stepped up.  I was trying to look at the bigger picture.  I still felt terribly uncomfortable, but I know in my heart I did what was right for me spiritually.

So, all in all, not a big experience/adventure…but a big one for my heart. 

And one other beautiful thing I experienced…Pat had belonged to a Polynesian Dance group.  She loved dancing with the girls.  Before the luncheon/dinner was served, the group got up in front of everyone and danced the Lord’s Prayer.  It was the most beautiful and moving tribute to a wonderful woman.  Thank you to all those Polynesian ladies who honored their sister in dance.


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