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Not Much Excitement Here

I made it to Day 3.  On Thursday night, I was reading the newspaper article about the 2014 NHL Winter Classic held at the Big House.  I would have liked to have gone, but as you are getting to know, I am not a fan of the cold.  A gentleman talked about coming from Canada and how he had dressed for the weather, including thermal underwear.  I have not had thermal underwear since I did my travelling to Alberta and Saskatchewan in the 1980s for Portland Winter Hawk hockey games.  You would think by living in Michigan now, thermals would be part of my wardrobe; they are not.

Since I am pushing myself to do cold weather items, I decided I should buy myself some thermals.  I went to KMart where they had a buy one, get one sale going on.  I bought 2 sizes of pants and 2 sizes of tops; once I got home where it is warm and cozy, I could decide which sizes fit best and return the others.  I went with black to absorb the heat.  It also looked better than the white.

John has challenged me to go skiing.  Does anyone in the Detroit area ski?  Maybe you can take me on my inaugural run at some time.

Today, Day 4, I wore the thermals.  I have to say they have kept me toasty warm, but drats if the temps didn’t rise to the 20s today.  Let’s get back to the single digits so I can really try these babies out!

Do you have any items you wear to keep you warm during this cold weather that maybe I should try?


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