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Learn To Use a Circle Loom

Ali got a set of circle looms and rectangular looms for Christmas.  While in college, she learned to knit and joined the knitting club.  When she’s not studying, she is knitting.  We joke that we sent her to college to learn to knit.

Ali has been wanting to teach me to use the circle loom, so I was open to the opportunity to have my daughter teach me something.  We went to JoAnn’s today; I picked out some yarn and got my own circle loom.  I am going to make a hat to keep my head warm when I partake in more cold-related activities.  I was hesitant to start this because it would take time to do; all I could think about was my list of things to do for today that I hadn’t done yet.  This project is all about getting me out of my comfort zone, so I bit the bullet.

I still don’t understand making the slip knot (Ali lost patience with me and did it for me) to start knitting on the loom, but after my first few times around the circle, I had the hang of it.  I “knitted” all during Project Runway All-Stars.  The picture shows how far I got in that time.  Now the challenge will be to finish the hat.  Hopefully before spring arrives!

Circle Loom

Do you have a circle loom and what have you made with it lately?



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