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And the College Search Begins…

We took Ali off to her 2nd college tour yesterday.  Although John had been adamant about which college he was going to go to, Ali has left herself more open to ideas.  She has 3 colleges picked out and we set up tours at all 3.  2 down, 1 to go.  Why am I not more worried about how we will pay for college?  Bob thinks about it almost constantly.  Somehow, I feel like God will provide as long as we do what we can do to help.  Ali’s job is to look for and apply for scholarships.  I get some great ideas while I am driving that I want to share with her for her essays, but she doesn’t want to hear them.  At this age, mom is pretty lame and doesn’t know anything.  Just imagine how smart I am going to be 20-30 years from now when it hits her-hey, mom actually did know a few things.  But that’s all part of growing up and my baby is sure doing that.  A little over a year from now, I will suffer the infamous empty nest syndrome (I almost typed empty-next…perhaps that is really me being ready for the next phase of my life although I don’t plan on an empty next.  I plan on a full next).  Anyway, being a housewife in Detroit means helping your children grow up and move on.  Ali still has another year of high school, but before I know it, she will be off to spread her wings in the world.



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