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Learning Picasa

In June, I was trying to figure out how I can make collages or at least print multiple small photos onto one page to use in journaling.  I downloaded Picasa    http://picasa.google.com

I don’t know how to make it so that you could click on the work Picasa and head straight to the webpage.  If you know how to do that on wordpress, I would love for you to share with me the steps.  It could be the something new I learn that day.

Anyway, I was able to figure out how to print 8 wallet size photos to a page.  I had taken a picture of my results, but I can’t seem to locate that picture in my picture files.  Just imagine a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper with 8 evenly spaced photos on it, 4 down each side with 2 columns.  That is about as technical as I got with Picasa.  I will probably delve further into it one day when I need something again.

Do you work with Picasa and if so, how do you like it?  Any brilliant tips you want to share?


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How to Peel a Kiwi

While going through emails today, I came across one that mentioned summer fruit salads.  I like fruit, so I decided to click on the link and see what came up.  At the bottom of the post is a video that shows how to make fruit ice pops.  In watching the video, I learned how to peel a kiwi!  It is so much simpler than the way I have always done it with a peeler, much like the way I peel an apple, cucumber, etc.  Watch the video and you, too, can learn something new today.  Have fun!


I’ve never inserted a link to a webpage before, so I sure hope this works.

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The Bike Shop

I don’t mind going to the mall and browsing in a new shop.  It doesn’t seem intimidating to walk into a store that’s in a line of stores.  I do find it intimidating though, to walk into a new store that you have to drive to, park in their lot and then walk in.  I had to do this recently, though, when I needed a bike cover for my new bike. I thought Wayne still had a bike shop in their downtown; I went there and it turned out to be a scooter shop now.  I had passed a bike shop on Middlebelt quite a few times in shuttling John back and forth from Lawrence Tech.  I decided I would head over there and see if they had one after first hitting Walmart and Target and finding nothing.  I park in the back lot of this bike shop and nothing stands out to welcome me in from the parking lot.  So I walk around to the street front door and am greeted? by a sign that tells me to use the parking lot door as an entrance.  Ugh!  So back I walk to the parking lot and use the back door.  I didn’t feel very welcomed at this door, but that’s beside the point, I think.  I was greeted by someone when I came in.  I asked if they had any bike covers.  He had just sold his last one and wasn’t expecting any more for a few days.  I walked around the store, but it was mostly bikes rather than cool accessories, so I left.  I don’t know why walking into a new place like this made me uncomfortable.  It wasn’t so bad, though.  I still like mall shopping better!

Anyway, I was at KMart a few days later and guess what?  They had a bike cover.  I just covered my bike;  it’s now protected from the rain when it has to sit outside. 

Are there stores that you think you might like to go into that intimidate you?

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History of Eloise

A few weeks ago, I went to a program at the library called “History of Eloise”.  Eloise is the former insane asylum, poor house, hospital, call it what you will, that is located in Westland MI.  It closed it’s doors in 1982,  long before I arrived in Michigan.  A lady with the Friends of Eloise gave a talk about the history, duh!, of Eloise.  It was very interesting, but I found it most interesting to hear from a lady who couldn’t be there that night about how she had grown up living at Eloise (her father worked there and employees and their families lived on site). There was fencing that surrounded the Eloise grounds.  It was there not to keep the inmates inside but to keep regular folks out.  The grounds were so well-maintained that people wanted to come and picnic on the grounds.  This lady said when the kids got bored, they would go out to the fence, grab hold of the bars, and rattle them while screaming to be let out. They found this very entertaining as people would drive by.  When the Friends of Eloise was first formed, they went around the table asking why each person who came to that first meeting was there.  One gal mentioned that as a kid, she remembered her family driving by Eloise and seeing the crazy people rattling the bars to get out.  The one lady was there and laughed, saying they did that for fun.  I wish I had grown up in this area to see more of the history of Eloise.

During the Q and A after the talk, a gentleman in the back of the room stood up, said he was a ghosthunter, and that was that!  Ali had come with me and neither of us got to hear the conversation.  As soon as he said ghosthunter, people around us were whispering “he’s a ghosthunter!” with disgust and then they proceeded to carry on normal conversations.  How RUDE! (as Michelle Tanner of “Full House” would say.)  I would have found a conversation on ghost hunting interesting.  We were also told that the tunnels that ran under Eloise had been filled by the Fire Department, but I don’t know when they did that.  Exploring the tunnels could have been fun!

And in case you didn’t know, there is going to be a movie made with Eloise in it.  Some people are saying it’s about Eloise, but I think Eloise is just the backdrop for the movie. 

Do you have any experiences you remember in regards to Eloise?  If so, share them with me.  I would love to hear about them.

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Landline Lessons

Well, this is a first for me.  I am writing a post right after learning something new!  We got a new landline phone system last fall. Today, I finally decided to learn how to to record my own outgoing message.  Luckily, the phone set included a handy dandy user’s manual.  I really like manuals.  They make things so much easier (when you actually use them).  I wish my phone, my iPad and my laptop came with user’s manuals.  Nooooo!   I have to go out and buy a book, like iPad for dummies,  to learn things. I don’t know if that’s an actual book title, but you get the picture.

So armed with a handset and my manual, I was ready.  I started reading through the manual and while waiting to get to the part about recording outgoing messages, I learned several other things!  I found out I can push a button on the handset and call another handset in the house.  Like maybe I want to call my husband who’s comfortably ensconced in bed watching TV while I am in the living room watching a rollicking evening of “Dancing With the Stars” .  I don’t want to miss one minute of seeing Charlie or Meryl perform.  Actually, I was thinking last night wouldn’t it be great if they continued to compete and were able to incorporate these new–to-them dance moves into their routine?   How awesome would that be for ice dancing?  Anyway…I might want to tell Bob that I am ready for him to bake me some chocolate chip cookies.  I wouldn’t even need to move from the couch.  It would be payback for when I was on the couch with scrapbook memorabilia all sorted over me and to my sides and he called me on my cell phone (which I do not have with me at all times–I grew up when the only phone was the house phone or the pay phone.)  So I push everything aside, careful not to mess up my organized piles, and answer my phone.  Not many people have my cell number so it must be important if it rings.  Low and behold, Bob is on the phone telling me he is ready for ME to bake chocolate chip cookies.  And he’s down the hall in the bedroom.  Yea, so funny!  In case you are wondering, I did make him cookies.  It’s the least I can do when he works all day.

I also learned I can set the number of times the phone rings before the answering machine picks up.  It seems I am always doing laundry, or out in the yard, or doing something important when the phone rings.  By the time I hear it and rush rush rush to the phone (because it could always be really important), I’ve missed the call.  So I set my ringer for 6 rings instead of 2 or 4 or whatever we were at.  My dad taught me you should always let the phone ring 7 times before you hang up to give a person time to answer the phone.  Yes, that was the old days when people didn’t carry their phones in their pockets.  Can you imagine carrying around one of those old rotary phones?  I’m still all for my invention of the phone piece integrated into your hand so all you have to do to answer the phone is hold your hand up to your ear and say hello! 

So those are some of the things I learned today about our landline phone.  If you have a landline, why don’t you go check it out and see if you can discover something about it you didn’t already know.  Let me know what you find out!

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To Teeth or Not to Teeth

As you might know, one of the side effects, if you could call it that, of the tongue cancer was having to have all my teeth pulled.  This was a very traumatic thing for a young person.  I had to wait over a year before I could get fitted for dentures because my gums had to heal completely to lessen the risk of cancer recurring.  By the time I got the dentures, I was so used to eating without anything that it was very difficult to eat with them.  Another side effect of the radiation was that I could only open my mouth so far.  Put in the teeth, open the mouth, and try to stuff some food inside.  Wasn’t working too well.  It took much too long to eat with the teeth in.  So out they came.  After several years, I was able to find a new prosthodontist who told me that the dentures that had been made for me originally were all wrong.  He could see they were not a good fit.  He specialized in dentures so he took his time with me and we went outside the box.  I have a small mouth so I had to have a small set made.  I am happy with the fit of the new ones (I’ve had them for a year now), but again it is so hard to eat with them in.  I imagine that is because I am not used to them.  I try to put them in and then within a few hours, they are back out because I want to eat.  And then they just don’t go back in.

So one day last month, I decided to challenge myself to wear them all day.  I waited until after I ate breakfast and then plopped them in my mouth.  It felt odd at first, of course, but I muddled through.  I made it until dinner time when I became frustrated trying to eat and took them out.  I know that I need to work on this everyday ’cause I certainly hate my smile without them.  I try to imagine what it is like for someone, say the gal on Dancing with the Stars, who lost her legs and what they have to go through to get used to fake ones.  They all usually say that it hurts and is uncomfortable.  So it is with dentures.  I guess I just have to challenge myself each day to put them in and see where it takes me.  A little bit each day builds on itself and soon enough I will be eating like I used to.

Is there anyone out there who also has dentures?  How did you feel with them?  Do you have any tips for me?

On another note, there was a day I challenged myself to learn how to make a grocery list on my new Note 3 phone.  I had heard you could make a list and then check items off as you added them to your cart.  So I played with my phone, found a note app, and was able to make a list with checkboxes.  It didn’t take but maybe 10 minutes for me to figure this out.  Go me!

Until next time!

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Another Tuesday evening was spent with my Buddy Up 2.0 team at a line dance class.  If I learned something new today, it is how to insert a video into my blog.  If it doesn’t work as a video, than I didn’t learn it.  Here goes….

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Technology Can Be Scary

On a recent Tuesday, Bob and I headed over to Best Buy for the Samsung class.  We had all gotten new Samsung phones-I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 3-and this was a perfect opportunity to learn how to use them.  The class was an hour long and taught us the best way to connect to the internet, how to get emails from several accounts into one email flow, how to get multiple screens on the phone at once, how to move icons around, where to find certain apps (as they didn’t show up instantly on the app screen), how S Note worked, how to put writing on the back and/or the front of photos, how to take photos with special effects…just to name a few things.  Oh and I learned that my phone will speak to me if I ask it a question.  And it will tell me how to get somewhere.  I practiced by asking how to get to Famous Dave’s which was near Best Buy.  As we left the store, it started telling us how to go.  Then we would go a different direction and it would talk again.  When we went to the mall, I thought it was going to continue talking to me, but it finally gave up.  I plan to learn more and really use my phone’s capabilities, but I will do that a little at a time.

The other technological learning I did on this day was learn how to use the USAjobs.gov website. When I was a federal employee, we did all job applications on paper.  That was over 20 years ago.  Now everything seems to be online.  I found a couple jobs I was interested in applying for, but it was like pulling teeth to get me to sit down and apply.  I wasn’t sure how to upload things, I wasn’t sure if I could fill out the application in small slices of time or had to do it all at once, could I save things and come back later to add on, etc.  It seemed so overwhelming to me.  The first application I did wasn’t so bad at all.  I got the jist of how it all worked and what the various screens looked like and how to tell I had everything done and sent.  So when it came time to do the next application the next day, the process went very smoothly.  Now I am watching for other jobs to show up that I have an interest in.  We shall see how I do.

Have your tried anything new technologically lately?  This reminds me of my dad.  I tried to convince him to get a computer thinking he could do his tax work on it and also email me once in awhile.  He would always hold up his pencil and say “This is my computer.”  I loved my dad.


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A Hero’s Zeroes

I had more days where I didn’t do anything daring or challenging.  And you know what?  After letting it bother me for a few months, I came to the conclusion that it is okay.  I’m not here to stress myself out.  If a challenge comes up, great!  But if it doesn’t, that’s okay too.  I made a chart of each month and what I did each day.  In January, I had 6 days where I didn’t challenge myself.  That means more than 3/4 of the month was spent doing something new.  In February, I had 10 days of zeroes.  So, 2/3 of the month, I did get something new accomplished.  Now into March, I’ve had 14 days of zeroes before today.  That is, of course, disappointing to see.  But it is not the end of the world.  So instead of worrying about the days I didn’t try something new, I will focus on the days I do challenge myself. 

Life is like this.  You make a plan and sometimes, the plan doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to.  So you adjust the plan and carry on. So, my friends, carry on with a new plan if you need to.  We understand.

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I Love the Glitter!

I am all about the glitter and glitz.  To show how much I love it, I went ahead and rhinestones my laptop.  I also got a silicone cover in light pink to cover my keypad.  This was actually a great investment because I had a few keys where the tabs came off and I couldn’t get them to reattach.  This cover took care of any problems with those keys.  Anyway, here is the picture of my sparkly laptop…..


Don’t you love the sparkle?

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