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To Teeth or Not to Teeth

As you might know, one of the side effects, if you could call it that, of the tongue cancer was having to have all my teeth pulled.  This was a very traumatic thing for a young person.  I had to wait over a year before I could get fitted for dentures because my gums had to heal completely to lessen the risk of cancer recurring.  By the time I got the dentures, I was so used to eating without anything that it was very difficult to eat with them.  Another side effect of the radiation was that I could only open my mouth so far.  Put in the teeth, open the mouth, and try to stuff some food inside.  Wasn’t working too well.  It took much too long to eat with the teeth in.  So out they came.  After several years, I was able to find a new prosthodontist who told me that the dentures that had been made for me originally were all wrong.  He could see they were not a good fit.  He specialized in dentures so he took his time with me and we went outside the box.  I have a small mouth so I had to have a small set made.  I am happy with the fit of the new ones (I’ve had them for a year now), but again it is so hard to eat with them in.  I imagine that is because I am not used to them.  I try to put them in and then within a few hours, they are back out because I want to eat.  And then they just don’t go back in.

So one day last month, I decided to challenge myself to wear them all day.  I waited until after I ate breakfast and then plopped them in my mouth.  It felt odd at first, of course, but I muddled through.  I made it until dinner time when I became frustrated trying to eat and took them out.  I know that I need to work on this everyday ’cause I certainly hate my smile without them.  I try to imagine what it is like for someone, say the gal on Dancing with the Stars, who lost her legs and what they have to go through to get used to fake ones.  They all usually say that it hurts and is uncomfortable.  So it is with dentures.  I guess I just have to challenge myself each day to put them in and see where it takes me.  A little bit each day builds on itself and soon enough I will be eating like I used to.

Is there anyone out there who also has dentures?  How did you feel with them?  Do you have any tips for me?

On another note, there was a day I challenged myself to learn how to make a grocery list on my new Note 3 phone.  I had heard you could make a list and then check items off as you added them to your cart.  So I played with my phone, found a note app, and was able to make a list with checkboxes.  It didn’t take but maybe 10 minutes for me to figure this out.  Go me!

Until next time!

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Another Tuesday evening was spent with my Buddy Up 2.0 team at a line dance class.  If I learned something new today, it is how to insert a video into my blog.  If it doesn’t work as a video, than I didn’t learn it.  Here goes….

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Technology Can Be Scary

On a recent Tuesday, Bob and I headed over to Best Buy for the Samsung class.  We had all gotten new Samsung phones-I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 3-and this was a perfect opportunity to learn how to use them.  The class was an hour long and taught us the best way to connect to the internet, how to get emails from several accounts into one email flow, how to get multiple screens on the phone at once, how to move icons around, where to find certain apps (as they didn’t show up instantly on the app screen), how S Note worked, how to put writing on the back and/or the front of photos, how to take photos with special effects…just to name a few things.  Oh and I learned that my phone will speak to me if I ask it a question.  And it will tell me how to get somewhere.  I practiced by asking how to get to Famous Dave’s which was near Best Buy.  As we left the store, it started telling us how to go.  Then we would go a different direction and it would talk again.  When we went to the mall, I thought it was going to continue talking to me, but it finally gave up.  I plan to learn more and really use my phone’s capabilities, but I will do that a little at a time.

The other technological learning I did on this day was learn how to use the USAjobs.gov website. When I was a federal employee, we did all job applications on paper.  That was over 20 years ago.  Now everything seems to be online.  I found a couple jobs I was interested in applying for, but it was like pulling teeth to get me to sit down and apply.  I wasn’t sure how to upload things, I wasn’t sure if I could fill out the application in small slices of time or had to do it all at once, could I save things and come back later to add on, etc.  It seemed so overwhelming to me.  The first application I did wasn’t so bad at all.  I got the jist of how it all worked and what the various screens looked like and how to tell I had everything done and sent.  So when it came time to do the next application the next day, the process went very smoothly.  Now I am watching for other jobs to show up that I have an interest in.  We shall see how I do.

Have your tried anything new technologically lately?  This reminds me of my dad.  I tried to convince him to get a computer thinking he could do his tax work on it and also email me once in awhile.  He would always hold up his pencil and say “This is my computer.”  I loved my dad.


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A Hero’s Zeroes

I had more days where I didn’t do anything daring or challenging.  And you know what?  After letting it bother me for a few months, I came to the conclusion that it is okay.  I’m not here to stress myself out.  If a challenge comes up, great!  But if it doesn’t, that’s okay too.  I made a chart of each month and what I did each day.  In January, I had 6 days where I didn’t challenge myself.  That means more than 3/4 of the month was spent doing something new.  In February, I had 10 days of zeroes.  So, 2/3 of the month, I did get something new accomplished.  Now into March, I’ve had 14 days of zeroes before today.  That is, of course, disappointing to see.  But it is not the end of the world.  So instead of worrying about the days I didn’t try something new, I will focus on the days I do challenge myself. 

Life is like this.  You make a plan and sometimes, the plan doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to.  So you adjust the plan and carry on. So, my friends, carry on with a new plan if you need to.  We understand.

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I Love the Glitter!

I am all about the glitter and glitz.  To show how much I love it, I went ahead and rhinestones my laptop.  I also got a silicone cover in light pink to cover my keypad.  This was actually a great investment because I had a few keys where the tabs came off and I couldn’t get them to reattach.  This cover took care of any problems with those keys.  Anyway, here is the picture of my sparkly laptop…..


Don’t you love the sparkle?

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Do Nothing Day

I declared March 12 Do Nothing Day.  The day before had been a glorious spring-feeling day.  The sun was out, the snow was melting, the roads were dry.  I drove with my car window down.  I was feeling the love.  Then I woke up Wednesday morning.  The nightmare had returned.  I looked outside and there was snow all over.  Not just a little snow but about 6 inches of the white powdery stuff.  I did not order this stuff!  I wanted to send it back.  My mother in law called to say that the Garden Club meeting was cancelled for that afternoon.  I got an email from the library that they were closing at noon.  I was just not feeling it on this day.  I tried to do housework.  I tried to do things I liked to do.  The snow won.  I decided I would just declare the day Do Nothing Day.  Why can’t we have a day where we don’t rush around doing housework and running errands and taking care of everyone else?  Why does life always have to be go go go?  I checked out of my normal routine for the day and you know what?  It didn’t kill me.  I felt much more refreshed the next day and continued on with my normal activities.

Have you ever taken a Do Nothing Day?  If so, tell me about it.  I salute you!

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Wayne MI is a Main Street city



I wasn’t sure I would go to the Main Street kick off party in Wayne tonight. I live in Westland rather than Wayne. However, I respect Wayne as a small city and can feel the greatness that it aspires to be.  I put on my big girl boots and went to the party. My in laws were there along with some other people I know. I signed up for several committees –promotions–design– and can’t wait to be part of the transformation.

Another new thing I learned today is that I can post pictures and write my blog all from my new phone.

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Learn By Doing!


I was sitting here watching Survivor on the internet when I wondered if I could take pictures with my iPad and then share them on my blog.  It would be so much easier than trying to download photos from my camera.  I took a picture with my iPad of my computer, came to my blog and attempted to attach the photo.  And guess what?  I could do it!   this feels like a major breakthrough for me.  this goes to show that if something just happens to pop into your head, it may work.  just try it!

I am so excited that I can take photos and post to my blog all through my iPad.  thank you for letting me share  my triumph with you.

In other news,  I did not challenge myself to anything on Wednesday, March 19 or  Thursday, March 20.  Nothing for last Friday, March 14 either.

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Disappointing Myself

I am really disappointed in myself.  I didn’t challenge myself today.  I also didn’t challenge myself last Monday (Mar 3).  Nor did I on Wednesday (Mar 5), Thursday, (Mar 7) or Sunday (Mar 9).  I think I have become too complacent in my life and am not stretching myself to seek out new things to do, new places to try, new food to try, etc.  I just wish this awful snowy icy winter would be over.  I was finally able to open my garage door today (it has been frozen shut since the beginning of January).  Inside, I found an ice skating rink.  Seriously, the concrete was frozen over everywhere!  I couldn’t even safely take my Christmas bins back to where they belong.  I kind of had to toss them off to the side and hope they don’t fall over and break open.

We can even just sklp spring and head straight to summer.  That would be fine with me!

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Thursday Catch-Up: Art Journal, Blast Class and others

I’m going to catch you up real quick with my Thursday Dare challenges so far this year that I haven’t already mentioned.  So far, I haven’t done anything today, but I am thinking I will challenge myself to learn how to view video on my camera.  But that comes later. Now for the past:

February 27-Ali and I went to Target and upon coming out of the store, learned that my van wouldn’t start.  Darn cold weather!  I waited and tried again.  No luck.  Bob was at work and the in-laws were not answering their phone.  Ali got her boyfriend and his dad to come pick us up and take me home.  When Bob got home from work, we went back to Target and started the van with a jump start.  I learned not to let the black and the red parts touch.  I learned that since my battery is imbedded deep in the front of the van, you have to use alternate means to hook the jumper cables up.  Since the weather was below freezing, I wasn’t interested in learning much more than that.  Van got started and I got it home.  That was enough learning for today!

February 13-I have wanted to art journal for a few months now.  I have been reading about it and it looked fun and interesting.  I have always kept some kind of scrapbook, even when I was young.  It was hard to start the journal because I wanted to do it “right”.  I am learning that there is no real “right” way to do it.  You just have to start!  Here is my first art journal page:











And if you are wondering what else I have done since then, I have to say……nothing.  I’ve got to change that.

January 30-I took a Blast Class at Westland Skateland with my team from Buddy Up 2.0.  It involved lifting some light weights and doing weird body movements.  Okay, so they were weird to me, the uninitiated.  It was an interesting workout, but not one I would actually pay for in the future.  I also did another new thing this morning.  Since I was able to get a one-month membership to the Wayne Rec Center as part of Buddy Up, I decided to walk the indoor track over the pool.  I’ve always observed people doing it when I’ve taken the kids swimming in the past.  Today was my day to try it.  A little over 12 laps constitutes a mile.  I made the mile and counted it toward my triathlon mileage, however I won’t be walking there anytime soon.  It was very hot and humid in there (the pool, you know?).  I shouldn’t complain because outside it was below freezing.  So I won’t complain.

Here are a couple pictures.  Imagine us all on the skate floor with our yoga mats and weights. The lady in gray to the left behind the one in orange is my Buddy Up team captain-Sandi Franka.  Next to her is her co-captain-Julia Miron to the right in orange.  They are such great captains!


Jaunary 23-I swimmed my first laps.  I just learned how to swim last fall when I took classes at Lifetime Fitness. I was able to complete 6 laps before I was ready to collapse.  Feeling lightheaded does not mix with being in water.  But I was now 6 laps into the swimming portion of my Buddy Up triathlon, so I was pleased.  Yea me!

January 16-I failed to challenge myself.

January 9-I had to pick up Ali from her dorm on my way home from UofM.  It was awful on the roads-snow, ice, slow-moving traffic-so I decided to try a new way to get to EMU. Probably not the best thing to do with all those factors AND darkness, but I did it anyway.  I really wasn’t sure where I was supposed to turn off of the road.  I just kept following the signs to EMU.  Not easy to see either in the falling snow.  Snow had only been around for a couple weeks at the time, so I wasn’t too concerned.  Anyway, I eventually found the road to turn off on and made it to campus.  It was so much easier than I thought it was going to be.  I also learned of some new restaurants along the way that would be interesting to try.  When the weather warms up and the snow melts, of course.

And that is it for my Thursdays in 2014.  If I skipped a date, it is because I have probably already written about it.

Thanks for reading!  And stay warm!


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